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Essential Skills to Look for in a Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants (VAs) has risen throughout the years and in this article, we'll discuss the essential skills to look for in a VA.

They have become invaluable assets to entrepreneurs and small businesses. From administrative tasks to taking phone calls for you, VAs have enhanced productivity and have helped free up some time for most business owners. However, finding the right virtual assistant for you and your business has been a challenge. Not all virtual assistants are created equal.

In this blog post, we will discuss the essential skills and qualities to look for when searching for a virtual assistant. This will serve as a guide when making the decision to hire the right virtual assistant.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is important in any business. Being able to convey what you mean and people being able to understand it is essential. A virtual assistant with strong verbal and written communication abilities will be your bar of measure. They will be representing your business, and being able to communicate well ensures that clients are understood.

Tasks are also understood well and any issues can be conveyed easily for resolutions. A virtual assistant who can communicate clearly and concisely will be an asset to the business, contributing to its positive image.

Time Management and Organization Skills

Hiring a virtual assistant means that you want help in optimizing your time and, in effect, increasing your productivity. Virtual assistants, proficient in time management and organization skills, will be able to prioritize tasks effectively. They are able to create and follow schedules and meet deadlines consistently.

Strong attention to detail is a key characteristic of a VA with time management and organization skills. This ensures that nothing gets past them, especially any oversights. Virtual assistants of this caliber can work thru multiple tasks, thus increasing operations efficiency.

Technologically Proficient

In this digital era, technologies, and software tools are consistently increasing. An understanding of these tools is required of a good virtual assistant. They must possess competency in project management tools and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.

Not only that, proficiency in communication tools like email, video conferencing, and messaging are also sought after. Knowledge of cloud storage platforms and document-sharing tools is also an edge. Technologically adept VAs will be able to learn and utilize these tools, resulting in a streamlined workflow, saving time, and increasing efficiency.

Proficiency in technology only comes when you have curiosity. Here at YSO, curiosity is one of our core values. Click here to learn more.

Flexible and Adaptable

Business involves changes happening all the time. These changes may happen in an instant or gradually over time. A good virtual assistant should be adaptable to these changes. They can change their priorities at work and handle unexpected challenges.

They are also ready to handle and immerse in new processes or systems.

The willingness to learn and adapt to changes is a mark of a flexible virtual assistant. They have the ability to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions to challenges. Their growth is synchronous with the business’s growth.

Flexibility and adaptability create resourcefulness. It is a core value here at YSO. To learn more about YSO, click here.

Problem-Solving Skills

Proactively identifying problems and solving them independently are crucial traits that a virtual assistant must possess. They should have a solutions-first mentality. They can think critically and be resourceful enough to make informed decisions.

Strong problem-solving skills allow a VA to take up challenges with minimal to no supervision. This will allow the business owner to focus more on other aspects of the business.

A solutions-first mentality is a core value here at YSO. To know more about us, click here.

Professionalism and Integrity

Your virtual assistant is an extension of you and your business. As a virtual assistant, it is important to build trust with the business owner, especially in today’s digital workplace. Professionalism and exceptional integrity are traits that are undeniably important for a VA to thrive.

A virtual assistant with professionalism and integrity can handle confidential information with discretion. They always maintain open lines of communication with their clients. They are reliable, and honest, and value their work to a high degree. They can be depended on to be accountable for their work.

Proactive and Self-Motivated

Proactive virtual assistants always show initiative. They would seek ways to improve on their work, which in effect would improve the business. They can anticipate business needs and are able to suggest points of improvement.

A self-motivated VA exceeds expectations. They promptly finish their tasks and actively seek ways to add more value to their work. They don’t stop learning and understanding the business.


These essential skills are the foundations of a notable virtual assistant. Finding a virtual assistant with these skills would require time to evaluate candidates thoroughly. Consider their qualifications and work history to make an informed decision.

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