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Attract New Clients on Social Media With Strategic Posts

Grow your social media presence with organic content that works – and doesn’t break the bank.

We make social media thoughtful, strategic, and effective 

The Your Startup Operations (YSO) approach to social media

Content Strategy

Understand your business, create a long-term messaging strategy, and define relevant content pillars.

Monthly Content 

Develop a month of content at a time and execute the posting schedule.

Design Templates

Create branded templates for each content type – Before & After, Facts and Myths, Did you Know? etc.


Develop a month of content at a time and execute the posting schedule.
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Consistent, organic posts build brand awareness and community


 Growth in Followers


Growth DMs


Increase Website Visits

Why hire YSO for social media?

If you are struggling to find the time to post multiple times a week across several channels, we can help.


Flexible packages include strategy, design, copy, and execution.

Engaged Followers

Expanded social media presence with the right audience.


Add services and channels based on your target  customer profile.

Influencers can elevate your social media strategy

YSO can provide a complete influencer management program from finding influencers, managing content, nurturing influence relationships, and more.

Working Together

Featured success story

On Hold

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See why businesses love working with YSO 

““Alexis is very responsive and professional and has grown the business in ways I couldn't have imagined. Our social media presence grew by over 200% and is still growing. We got business that we would not have gotten if it wasn't for this amazing work.”

Jeff Nehme


How many social media channels do you cover?

Our standard package includes 1-3 channels, but more can be added based on your needs.

How many posts does a standard package include?

A standard package is 3 posts a week across multiple channels and includes strategy, design, and copy.

Do you provide video content?

Yes, we can customize a package to include video content and editing, including TikTok and reels. Contact us for a custom quote.

Do I need the engagement add-on?

Daily engagement can be time-intensive but the more active your account is, the more you grow the number of people seeing your content. It’s optional but can be very effective in building your social media presence.

Can you help me find influencers?

Yes, we can create a target influencer profile, reach out to influencers, and then manage the entire influencer program.

Do you offer lead generation engagement?

Yes, we can reach out to your target audience that is interacting with your content to book calls and generate leads.

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