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A Fractional COO and Virtual Assistant -All In One

Let us hire, train, optimize, and manage your virtual assistant. We set up your VA for success, which saves you time and money.

You get more than just a Virtual Assistant, our VA service package includes:

Tedious Recruitment

Recruiting is time consuming. Based on learning about the role and responsibilities of what you need in your virtual assistant, we’ll take care of the recruiting for you. Our candidates go through three interviews, trial tasks, and work with us internally to ensure we’ve validated their skill sets for the role.

Account Management

Your VA is our accountability for the first three months. We account manage the Virtual Assistant to ensure the work they are delivering is accurate and up to standards. We spend 30-60 minutes each day to audit their work, answer any questions or uncertainties, and provide feedback and additional training so you don’t have to.


Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) ensure consistency & quality, minimize errors and variations, and provide clear guidance to team members who are responsible for completing the task or process. We create an SOP for all the tasks you need to delegate to your Virtual Assistant and it becomes your asset to use for future hires and training.

Guaranteed Replacement

We take pride in finding the best match between our clients and their virtual assistants. However, we understand that sometimes a replacement may be necessary. Rest assured, if you need to replace your virtual assistant, we will take care of it at no additional cost to you. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with our services, and we are committed to making any necessary adjustments to achieve that goal.

Onboarding & Training

If you’ve hired team members before, you know training takes time. Let us take care of the training for you. After developing your SOP, we work closely with the Virtual Assistant to onboard and train them. This is a crucial part of setting up your virtual assistant for success. 
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Transform Your Business with
Our Virtual Assistants

Our Virtual Assistants have proven to be game changers for our clients. Below are some of the success metrics our Virtual Assistants have brought to our clients.

Save $20,600 +

On average, our virtual assistants save our clients $20,600- $40,800 annually by managing their workload and tasks more efficiently than hiring full-time employees.

9x ROI

Our Virtual Assistants have also generated and converted leads for our clients, resulting in a 9x ROI from the cost of their VA to the revenue they closed from the leads generated for one of our clients.

57% Growth

By entrusting a VA to handle the time-consuming, tedious, and monotonous day-to-day admin tasks, one of our clients was able to grow his entertainment business by over 57% compared to last year. 

Our Happy Clients

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Will Gill


"As my entertainment business started to bring in more bookings, I found myself spending more time on backend tasks than actual performances. From contracts & invoices to initial meetings & finalization meetings, doing all of this alone eventually caught up to me. Not to mention, an increase in my family means that time needed to be allotted strategically. Enter YSO.


Through a referral of a cohort in the same industry, I met Jenna. I was quite hesitant for about the first 4 weeks of working with her team. This is because I assumed only I could pull off managing behind the scenes work and "talking the way I talk" to clients. With the creation of an SOP, Jenna was able to learn my how and why my company books and executes events. This insured that a new team member can always be brought in and fit right into place in little to no time. Jenna and YSO even has their own dedicated team who shadows my new hires to make sure nothing slips through the cracks during the learning process.


I could go on, but now I feel like Im exposing the secrets to what makes YSO the best IMO. Jenna is a strongly recommended long term ally for all small businesses and startups."

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