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About Us

We know startups and small businesses need to be nimble and strategic with their resources. We offer value-driven operational & marketing services for startups and small businesses.

Our Management Team

Our Values

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Meet Jenna- Fractional COO

I have a passion for bringing order to chaos and thrive on building processes, managing resources, and creating solutions that align with a company’s vision and goals.


With years of experience as an entrepreneur and working closely with others in the startup world, I have a diverse range of skills across multiple areas of startup operations, including HR, finance, operations, recruitment, management, sales, and marketing.


Throughout my career, I have successfully scaled multiple startups from six-figure businesses to successful seven-figure companies. By setting strong foundations, hiring the right people, and collaborating closely with CEOs, I have helped bring their visions to life.


My passion for operations and organization has led me to establish my own agency, where I can continue to serve and assist more startups in reaching their full potential.

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