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The New Hires You Need Without The Commission Fees

The fastest, most affordable way to get qualified candidates.

When you need to hire quickly, we can do the heavy lifting.

The Your Startup Operations (YSO) approach to recruiting.


We review job requirements, screening questions, and sample profiles to understand your needs.


An experienced US-based recruiter conducts 15–30-minute video screening interviews.

Candidate Sourcing

We find qualified candidates with the skill set you need on LinkedIn.

Candidate Handoff

We provide 2-6 qualified candidates in 2-4 weeks with detailed notes, ready for the first interview.
Working With Headphones

Sourcing and screening for multiple positions for only $5,000/month


Hire Rate


Qualified candidates in 2-4 weeks


No commission fees

Why Hire YSO for Recruiting

The perfect solution for companies that are growing quickly or have ongoing hiring needs – we can be your in-house recruiter when you need it.


Qualified candidates for 2-3 roles/month without commissions.

Recruiting Help on Demand

Extra HR capacity when you need it – without a full-time recruiter. 

Collaborative Approach

We listen to your needs to provide the right matches – full-time or contract.
UX Design Team

Featured success story

As a design agency, Cake & Arrow needs to staff new projects with contract freelance UX/UI designers very quickly.  See how YSO provides the on-demand recruiting support that Cake & Arrow needs at a predictable, affordable monthly cost.  

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See why businesses love working with YSO 

“We had a high volume of hiring with specialized, critical roles. YSO took time to truly understand the scope of our roles and provided a diverse slate of candidates. The detailed screening notes allowed us to make quick decisions on candidates and fill four roles.”

Jennifer LaFroscia, Manager of Talent and HR Operations
HR Acuity, LLC


Do you offer full-service recruiting?

No, we focus on sourcing and screening to provide small companies an affordable option to fill their open roles without the high price of commissions or full-time recruiters.

What are your fees?

We charge a flat retainer of $5,000 per month. We can work on 2-3 roles per month and provide 2-6 qualified candidates within 2-4 weeks.

What type of roles do you fill?

We fill individual contributor, senior, and manager-level roles. Typical roles include product designers, marketing managers, product managers, office managers, account managers, graphic designers, program managers, engineers, UX/UI managers, and much more. Certain technical roles may have a higher monthly fee.

Do you offer executive recruiting?

No, we do not source for executive, VP, or CXO-level roles.

Do you guarantee hires?

Since we are focused exclusively on the sourcing and screening of candidates and not the complete hiring process, we cannot guarantee hires. Over 90% of our recruiting partners hire from the pool of qualified candidates that we provide. Those who don’t complete a hire are satisfied with the candidates but have changed their hiring needs.

Can you work in my internal CRM or HR system?

Yes, we are happy to work directly in your systems for an extra fee. Contact us for more details and a custom proposal.

Will you manage my existing job ads?

Yes, contact us for a custom proposal.

Do you only use LinkedIn recruiting?

Our standard service only includes LinkedIn recruiting as we know we can provide qualified candidates in a short time frame. We can create a custom proposal that includes additional sources.

Do you work with agencies looking for freelance talent?

Absolutely. We can source full-time, part-time, or contract talent.

Need to hire qualified talent quickly?

Tell us about your open roles and let’s see how we can help.

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