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Benefits of Hiring Remote Staff for Phone Answering Service

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Juggling incoming calls while trying to manage your business can be tiring to most small and medium business owners. Constant interruption from calls can greatly hinder productivity and divert your focus away from crucial tasks. Delegating phone answering to remote staff can be the solution that your business needs.

A small resource base often limits small businesses. And this often leads to a limited ability to manage customer interactions. Conventional in-house phone answering services can be resource-intensive and may not be fit for the budget.

Remote work has been the go-to option for small businesses looking for cost-effective solutions to their business demands. Hiring virtual assistants for answering calls will reap benefits across diverse categories. We will discuss here the benefits of hiring virtual assistants for answering phone calls.

Increased Flexibility and Availability

Remote staff can answer calls and work flexible hours, beyond the usual 9 to 5 schedule. With a diverse team of individuals from different time zones, you can take calls 24/7, giving you more coverage for clients.

You can also customize work shifts according to demand. You can schedule more remote workers for a particular part of the day when you expect a high volume of calls. This ensures that you are staffed adequately during busy periods.

As your company grows, hiring virtual assistants can provide flexibility to scale operations as needed. Onboarding additional team members would be easy, without the problem of providing office space. You can meet increasing demand while maintaining your service quality.

Having a remote staff to handle your customer calls can also reduce downtime whenever there would be unforeseen circumstances. It won't be difficult for you to set up contingency measures and assign a backup staff during emergencies. This would maintain operations, thereby sustaining client satisfaction.

Cost Savings

By hiring a remote staff for your phone answering service, you can greatly reduce your overhead costs. Unlike traditional in-house staff which will need office space, virtual assistants have their own office set up. This will do away with rent or lease for physical offices, thereby saving money for use on company investments.

Apart from the savings on office space, you can also reduce equipment costs. In-house staff would require their own workstations with computers and telephones.

Virtual assistants have their own equipment and are accountable for their upkeep. This is a significant reduction in equipment costs which include purchase, maintenance, and upgrades. In addition, setting up a traditional call center would require a large investment in equipment, software, and infrastructure.

In terms of payment, remote workers have different payment structures. They are in stark contrast with those in full-time, in-house employment. Virtual staff who answer phone calls can receive payment by the hour, per call, or through a monthly package. In a sense, these payment options can be economical, as you will only pay for the actual work done.

Moreover, remote staff do not usually require the same types of employee benefits as those of traditional in-house employees. They may not require insurance, healthcare, or retirement plans.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Virtual assistants can do their work in their preferred locations. They almost always work from their home office, but they can also do work in co-working spaces. This type of setup would eliminate the need for commuting and avoid any traffic delays. Without that extra time spent on commuting, remote staff can focus more and be more productive.

With the choice to work from their preferred workstations, your virtual assistants will likely have higher job satisfaction. This would lead to increased productivity and work quality.

Hiring remote workers has the advantage of having staff from different time zones. With remote staff from different locations, your phone answering service can operate around the clock. Assign schedules based on respective time zones. This can accommodate customers from different time zones, building enhanced customer service and support.

Outsourcing calls to remote staff helps you and your team focus on important tasks and improve on your main responsibilities. This can be in business development, client interaction, or strategic planning.

Remote work also entails the use of modern technologies that would aid in operations. There are various communication tools, project management software, and CRM systems that remote staff can use to collaborate with you. These technologies can simplify your workflow and enhance productivity and efficient communication.

Access to a Global Pool of Talents

Outsourcing phone answering to remote workers offers flexibility, wider coverage, and access to a diverse talent pool worldwide. Hiring virtual assistants would expand your options. You can employ experts from different backgrounds with different experiences.

Some virtual assistants can give you that multilingual advantage. You will find individuals fluent in different languages, which will enable you to give customers support in their preferred language.

Remote staff possess a diverse set of skills that you can tap into. They can be in language proficiency, technical skills, or industry-specific knowledge. You can utilize these skills to offer specialized services to customers.

Remote professionals are rising in number in the digital marketplace, where communication is crucial. To respond efficiently to calls from customers, business owners employ remote staff to have more flexibility and coverage. Apart from that, a remote staff will save you resources, which you can use to develop your business more.

With a remote staff taking in customer calls, you can focus more on major responsibilities, thereby increasing productivity. Their specialized skills and expertise will allow you to cater to your customer's specific needs. Virtual assistants have become a necessity for a productive and efficient phone answering service.



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