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Standardized Operating Processes Drive Scale

Consistent processes save time, reduce expenses, improve results, and enable growth

We can make any process more effective and efficient

The Your Startup Operations (YSO) approach to creating Standardized Operating Processes (SOPs)

Process Mapping Workshop

Understand the current process including pain points and opportunities

Organizational Chart

Define roles and responsibilities for each team member.

SOP Development

Write detailed SOP for the “How” and “Who” of each process.
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As you grow and scale, SOPs are critical to drive consistent results


Save Time & Money

Organizations that implement SOPs experience a 50% reduction in the time it takes to complete tasks (Source: APQC)


Onboard Employees Faster

80% of employees report feeling more confident and satisfied in their roles when SOPs are in place to guide them  (Source: Gallup)


Improve Employee Satisfaction

Increase efficiency by 30% and reduce operational errors (Source: Aberdeen Group)

Why hire YSO for SOP Development

Detailed 7 Comprehensive

You’re growing fast and don’t have the time to document processes in detail.  We do.

SOP Expertise

We know exactly what needs to be in a SOP to drive adoption and consistency.

Collaborative Approach

We listen to your people to make sure each process works for you.
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Featured success story


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See why businesses love working with YSO 

“We had a high volume of hiring with specialized, critical roles. YSO took time to truly understand the scope of our roles and provided a diverse slate of candidates. The detailed screening notes allowed us to make quick decisions on candidates and fill four roles.”

Jennifer LaFroscia, Manager of Talent and HR Operations
HR Acuity, LLC

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