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Our Core Values

The experience and skill sets we look for will depend on the roles we hire, but all of our virtual assistants must align with our core values 

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Be Curious

Question why and how to do everything. Be curious and ask questions to learn the root of things. When we’re curious, we can find gold.

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Be Resourceful

Think of all the resources available to you to try and find answers, solve problems, and achieve goals. There is no shortage of resources to achieve accomplishment.

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Think of Solutions

Everyday we will encounter problems. Think of solutions. Even though they might not be right, you’ll think of enough ideas and solutions that one day you’ll think of the right solutions..


Why Work With Us?

Fully Remote

Work from anywhere as long as you have reliable wifi.

Competitive Salary

We pay above local market rates.

Continuous Professional Development

Every month, we have professional training for you to continue to upskill and have potential to earn more,

Team Retreats

Once a year, we get the team together to create connections.

Plant Shadow

After 16 years of working in a corporate setting, I can truly say that working remotely with YSO is one of the best decisions I ever made in my entire career. YSO and I are a perfect match! I love working with YSO because it’s a mix of work and play. I get to help YSO bring in great talents for our clients workforce and of course, hiring experienced Virtual Assistants, and training the newbies to become one of the best Virtual Assistants that they can be! We also get to bond with the rest of the team, virtually and in person- during team contests, team dinners, a relaxing spa visit, and other recreational activities.

Jo-Ann, Recruiting Manager


Apply With Us

If you align with our core values, apply with us

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