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Bookkeeping Done Right For Small Businesses

The expertise you need for accurate, reliable books without the expense of a full-time hire. 

Why hire YSO for bookkeeping?

We're a startup too, we get it. Keeping the books clean is important to make informed business decisions and makes finances easier to manage.  


We take the time to configure (or clean up) QuickBooks and set up processes that enable you to grow your business


You get the best of both worlds – senior-level oversight and affordable day-to-day operations


We are true partners, committed to your success and available when you need us
Office Desk

Senior-level bookkeeping expertise and quality at an affordable cost 

Save time and money

No more messy books

 Financial insights to drive business decisions

Investing in setting up your books right makes all the difference

The Your Startup Operations (YSO) Approach

Customize QuickBooks

A senior bookkeeper works directly with your Founder to understand your unique financial and reporting needs. 

Train your bookkeeper

We train a cost-effective bookkeeper to manage the books with your specific QuickBooks setup.

Ongoing reviews

A senior bookkeeper conducts regular audits for accuracy and provides guidance on relevant reports and decision-making.
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See why businesses love working with YSO 

“We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional bookkeeping service provided by YSO. Jenna and Reika worked very closely with us to catch us up on years of inaccurate bookkeeping from previous accountants. We never filed on time and once YSO took over the books, not only are we ahead of filings but they created a checklist for us to ensure we're on top of all our tax and entity filings and compliance. They also created custom P&L and financial reports to help us make informed financial decisions in our business. Their responsiveness, professionalism, and commitment to us makes them an invaluable partner to our business. Thank you YSO!”

Eva Knoppel
Founder of Garden of Eva

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