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How Our Virtual Assistance Solutions Increased Revenue for DJ Will

Optimizing Event Management for DJ Will Gill with Virtual Assistant Support

How Our Virtual Assistance Solutions Increased Revenue for DJ Will

DJ Will Gill is an award-winning DJ and Emcee for Corporate Events and Conferences, providing unique and versatile mixes of any genre, from hip-hop to rock to EDM. He has been in the music industry for over 20 years, named Forbes Next 1000 for Media and Entertainment in 2021, and the #1 Virtual Party DJ in the world by Google in 2020.


The Challenge

With a growing family and rapidly expanding business, Will needed to get out from under all the administrative work preventing him from doing what he enjoyed about DJing the most — business development and performing.


The Solution

Our team started with a comprehensive intake process to ensure Will received a well-rounded, ongoing administration solution. We spent 8-10 hours getting to know Will throughout a few independent online working sessions, which included a deep dive into his business goals and workflows. We recorded these sessions and extracted vital information from the interviews to develop a custom Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) he could use to train and manage his future VA.

We recruited, trained, and account-managed the Virtual Assistant for the first three months after launching the partnership with DJ Will. Everything was clearly outlined in our SOP so that Will knew precisely what type of training and account management services he'd receive from our team throughout his VA's onboarding journey, so he could focus on growing his clientele.

Will was able to offload the following tasks that were bogging him down before his VA came on board:

  • Managing contracts, invoices, and other documentation

  • Booking, hosting, and following up on meetings with potential and current clients

  • Customer communication and backend CRM management



DJ Will grew his business by over 57% compared to the prior year. Freeing up his schedule by having a VA handle the time-consuming, tedious, and monotonous day-to-day admin tasks allowed him to spend more time with his family and accelerate the growth of his DJing empire.

Will doesn't need to make compromises anymore. With YSO, he can do what he loves, increase his revenue, and expand his brand's presence without sacrificing quality.

DJ Will Virtual Assistant

"As my entertainment business started to bring in more bookings, I found myself spending more time on backend tasks than actual performances. From contracts & invoices to initial meetings & finalization meetings, doing all of this alone eventually caught up to me. Not to mention, an increase in my family means that time needed to be allotted strategically. Enter YSO."

DJ Will Gill

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