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Filling Contract Roles on Demand for a UX/UI Design Agency

Cake & Arrow finds ongoing freelance talent to confidently fulfill client contract obligations

Filling Contract Roles on Demand for a UX/UI Design Agency

Cake & Arrow is a design agency that helps financial service and insurance companies create innovative digital experiences for customers. They rely heavily on contract designers to deliver client projects.


The Challenge

When Cake & Arrow wins a new project, they need to staff it with freelance UX/UI designers who meet the specific project needs very quickly. There is almost always a set deadline for hiring contract talent. Cake & Arrow needs to consistently meet these timelines without a full-time recruiter and expensive commissions that would reduce their project profitability.


The Solution

Your Startup Operations (YSO) works as a fractional in-house recruiter for Cake & Arrow.  YSO’s flexibility to work on multiple roles at a time for a flat monthly fee is a perfect fit for Cake & Arrow’s needs. They can accept new projects knowing they will be able to find the resources they need without extra recruiting expenses. YSO is in constant contact with the Cake & Arrow project leads and hiring managers on Slack. YSO also manages the job ads and a candidate tracking system that they built specifically for Cake & Arrow.



In an average month, YSO provides:

  • X- Y sourced and pre-screened candidates for Y - Z roles

  • A total of W hires

  • 100% success rate for hires from the pool of YSO-sourced candidates

As part of the team, YSO provides the on-demand recruiting support that Cake & Arrow needs to fulfill contract roles at a predictable, affordable monthly cost.

Roles Filled

  • UX Designers

  • UI Designers

  • Product Designers

  • Product Managers

  • Program Managers

  • On-site Office Coordinator

"Jenna brings a unique mix of flexibility and rigor to our recruiting and hiring process. She's proactive, approachable, and responsive. Jenna has elevated our confidence in not only how we are finding new talent, but who we are finding as well. She asks the right questions, seeks clarity, and has made a positive impact on our team."

Jessica Lippke, Partner, Head of Client Services

Cake and Arrow

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