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Doubling Business for TwinTechnologies with Virtual Assistant Support

Andrew required operational support to streamline business management, allowing him to allocate more time to revenue-generating tasks instead of being weighed down by day-to-day project management responsibilities.

Doubling Business for TwinTechnologies with Virtual Assistant Support

Andrew, the founder of TwinTechnologies, oversees a company specializing in smartboard installations and removals for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). As his business expanded and client demands grew, Andrew faced challenges in managing administrative tasks, client communications, vendor coordination, project management, and overall business scalability.


The Challenge

Andrew found himself spending more time on the administrative tasks in his business rather than on growing the business. He needed additional support to handle client communications, vendor coordination, and project management responsibilities in order to prepare his business for sustainable growth.


The Solution

YSO conducted three separate 2-hour process-mapping sessions with TwinTechnologies to understand current business processes, identify gaps in documentation, and understand the business as a whole.

Through this process, we identified the need to build a CRM system for the client's business and included the research, setup, and training in our services.

We sourced, hired, and trained a highly skilled virtual assistant who seamlessly integrated into the team and efficiently managed the CRM, project coordination, vendor communications, invoice management, client interactions, and phone management.

YSO provided ongoing support and SOP development to ensure operational excellence and readiness for sustained business expansion.



Building out a proper CRM gave TwinTechnologies the infrastructure and operational resources to scale properly. Our Virtual Assistant managed over 50 client accounts within the first two months of working with TwinTechnologies, which more than doubled revenue since working with us.

By offloading the administrative and project management tasks to our VA, our client was able to focus on revenue-generating tasks, growing the business, and gaining more personal time. He had peace-of-mind knowing that the business was running smoothly without the need for him to constantly be involved.

"With my business growing and client demands increasing, I was spending more time handling administrative tasks than growing my company. I found myself dreading the prospect of growth as it meant an exponential increase in onboarding, product research, and quotations, as well as invoice, vendor, and project management.

YSO took the headache out of managing and scaling my business. Jenna and Alexis took a thorough approach to identifying how I approached and managed clients, what my processes were for handling deliverables, and how I executed and communicated with key stakeholders. No request was too small as they took pride in servicing all aspects of the company and ensuring my business was set up for success in the short, medium, and long term.

I would highly recommend YSO to anyone who is looking for a high-quality solution to managing or scaling their business. The level of care and attention to detail taken by YourStartup Operations was second to none, and their commitment to client service was a much-needed addition to our rapidly growing organization."

Andrew T.

CEO, TwinTechnologies

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